Bryansk Region Companies Want to Expand Business Ties to Azerbaijan

A business mission of export-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises from Russia’s Bryansk region was recently in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, to discuss supplying products to the Caucasus country, Azer News reported.

The meetings were attended by 33 small and medium-sized enterprises from nine regions of the Russian Federation, including from Bryansk, Vladimir, Kirov, Kostroma, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Ryazan, Saratov regions and Moscow.

The participants of the business mission got acquainted with the main large retail chains of Azerbaijan, including Bazarstore, Bizim Market, Bravo and Araz, to collect and analyze information necessary to establish further cooperation.

Having made a marketing research and analyzed the range of products of the retail chains, dairy producer Bryansk Gormolzavod said it is interested in organizing supply of its products to Azerbaijani retail chains. Preliminary agreements were reached, Azer News writes.

Moreover, Azerbaijan’s processing companies showed interest in equipment products manufactured by food processing equipment maker Russkaya Bronya. The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan and Generall Supply company, one of the largest distributors of oil and gas equipment in Azerbaijan, showed interest in the products of Lessorb, a company which produces equipment for cleaning oil spills.

The business mission of the Russian regions to Azerbaijan is a pilot project, which was implemented in a new format and combined the best practices of the regions and the potential of the Russian Export Center to ensure utmost efficiency of the events.

The business mission program included exchange of contacts with representatives of Azerbaijani business community in B2B format. Representatives of more than 150 Azerbaijani companies representing 16 different industries attended the meetings.