Employment Indicators Suprass Pre-pandemic Levels: Russian Labor Ministry

In 53 Russian constituent entities, employment indicators have surpassed pre-pandemic levels, but the number of people registered in job centers does not reach 820,000. This was revealed by Anton Kotyakov, the head of the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Labor, during a press conference on Friday, October 29.

He pointed out that Rosstat figures show that unemployment is at an all-time low. According to the minister, such an indication has only been observed once in the last ten years, in August 2019, Izvestia reports.

“When we look at the statistics from a geographical perspective, we can see that the number of subjects whose employment rates have risen above pre-pandemic levels is increasing as well. “It’s already more than 60% of the areas – 53 themes,” Kotyakov said.

The head of the Ministry of Labor also brought up the drop in the number of citizens enrolled in job centers. He stated that the current population is no more than 820 thousand people.

Previously, on October 27, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova stated that the number of legally registered jobless individuals in Russia has reduced by 2.8 million people since September 2020. The Deputy Prime Minister stated that in 34 Russian areas, pre-pandemic unemployment rates had yet to be reached. At the same time, the aim was met or surpassed in 51 topics.

The city of Stavropol declared a drop in the number of jobless people on October 22. Their overall number fell by 79%, whereas 2992 persons were registered at the city’s job center at the time.

The Russian government extended the streamlined unemployment registration procedure until December 31, 2021, on July 31. It should be noted that the system in place since last year allows for the submission of an application for registration as an unemployed person via the Work in Russia website. You can also apply for unemployment benefits using your personal account on the government services web. Citizens are no longer required to attend employment services as a result of this rule.