Romania, Hungary Considered As “Plan B” for Champions League Final Due to Corona Situation, Russia Not an Option

Image source: Flickr

According to, Romania (Bucharest) and Hungary (Budapest) are one of the reserve options to host the Champions League Final in 2021 instead of Turkey, given the aggravating epidemiological situation in the country.

UEFA doesn’t consider Russia for this season, because it will hold the final of CL in 2022 in Saint-Petersburg. At the same time, Turkey guarantees the holding of the decisive match of the tournament and is in close contact with UEFA.

However, the situation in the country is far from normal. Russia, from April 15th to June 1st, will restrict passenger air traffic with Turkey due to a new outbreak of coronavirus there. The amount of flights will be decreased to 2 in a week on a mutual foundation.

The comments on this situation were given by Firuz Bağlıkaya, President of the Association of Turkish Travel Agents (TURSAB): “The restrictions from Russia will last until June 1st. In May, during long holidays, we were waiting for tourists from Russia. We were preparing to receive from 700 to 800 thousand Russian guests” – said Bağlıkaya in response to comment on the decision of Russia to restrict passenger flights with Turkey – “We expect that by the end of the month of Ramadan the number of coronavirus cases in our country decreases, and in June everything will return to normal”.

Initially, in 2021, the CL Final was supposed to be held at the “Gazprom Arena” in Saint-Petersburg. However, the right to hold the game was given to Istanbul due to the fact that the planned 2020 Final was moved from Turkey to Portugal.

The UEFA Champions League Final 2020/2021 is due on May 29th at “Olympic Stadium” in Istanbul. The current winner of the tournament is “Bayern” (Munich), who already lost the chance to defend the title by losing to “PSG” (Paris) in the quarterfinals.