Roscosmos Chief Says U.S. Might Slap Sanctions by Year End

Photo: EPA

Roscosmos General Director Dmitry Rogozin, reiterated on Monday his conviction that further sanctions on Roscosmos might be imposed by the United States before the end of the year, Sputnik News reports.

Rogozin noted that the prohibitions he indicated do not apply to launches that will take place before December 31, 2022, because they will be in effect on January 1, 2023. The Roscosmos chief added that the space enterprise has learned that the present package of limitations contemplates the option of speeding up the implementation of these limits, implying that they might be implemented this year.

The U.S. imposed sanctions on Russia’s Progress Rocket Space Centre, which manufactures Soyuz spacecraft, as well as Roscosmos’ principal scientific institute, last year.

Aside from that, the Pentagon established a restriction on the use of Russian space technology for launching satellites intended to offer services to the U.S. military some years ago. The prohibition will go into force on December 31, 2022.