Russian Premier League Does Not Support the Creation of the European Super League

Source: Flickr

The Russian Premier League President Sergey Pryadkin spoke about the league’s position concerning the creation of the European Super League.

“The Russian Premier League stands with UEFA and European Leagues, who made a joint statement on the Super League project. In our opinion, this idea contradicts the basic values of football, doesn’t take into account the interests of the vast majority of clubs and splits the European football society”, Pryadkin said.

Former head coach of FC Lokomotiv Moscow Yuri Semin agreed with RPL president in a Metaratings interview.

“This is a very bad decision”, Semin said, “UEFA and FIFA must react. It is bad because it was accepted without asking the opinion of the fans, which there are 4 billion. Without asking the opinion of the coaches and the players and therefore I don’t like this decision”.

He added, that in his opinion fans may stop attending football matches in the future. To the question, if his former club Locomotiv was offered to participate in the Super League, he replied that his team won’t play there since such decisions need to be made together. They also should be accepted by a large number of clubs and not by twenty, like now.

Earlier, 12 European top clubs announced the creation of the Football Super League. Its founders will include such clubs as “Manchester United”, “Manchester City”, “Tottenham”, “Liverpool”, “Chelsea” and “Arsenal”, “Barcelona”, “Atletico” and “Real Madrid”, “Milan”, “Inter”, and “Juventus”. 8 more participating teams will be announced later. The competition is supposed to begin in August.