Almost 60% of Russians Worked on Personal Growth and Education in Isolation

Nearly 60% of Russians polled said that during self-isolation, they worked on personal growth and education, the poll in possession of TASS held by HeadHunter recruiting website informs.

From March 25 until June, 55% of those polled used education services, with 57% of them interested in personal growth, 46% saying that they had been learning new skills and professions in changing conditions, and 42% working on the existing skills.

It is noted that 74% of those who accessed education services did so for free. Meanwhile, 38% paid for their education, and 3% used services paid for by their employer.

Besides, 34% of those polled admitted that they have no expectations from education during the pandemic, they simply invest in themselves in hopes that it will pay off sooner or later. About 33% of those polled hope that they will increase their income after completing new courses, 27% expect to find a new job and 23% hope to get promoted.

The poll was held on June 15-23 among 2,512 people accessing the HeadHunter website.