Earnings of Russian Teams at Kontinental Hockey League in 2020 Decreased By 33%

Source: Flickr

The total income of Russian hockey clubs, playing in the Kontinental Hockey League (or KHL for short), by the end of 2020 amounted to 17.5 billion roubles. This follows from the financial statements of clubs, analyzed by Bookmaker Ratings. As opposed to the prior reporting season, income decreased by 11.5%.

In this case, income means the amount of revenue and “other income” index. It is also important to know that the data of AK Bars (Kazan) hockey club isn’t included since they have not yet reported on the 2020 results.

The financial statements of clubs are far from unified: part of the sponsor’s funds can be taken into account in revenue as income from sponsors and advertising contracts, another part can be formalized as a voluntary donation or earmarked contribution.

For example, the revenue of the Sochi hockey club is 740.5 million roubles, it includes advertising revenue, ticket and gear sales. While a voluntary donation of the main sponsor, JSCo “RZD”, is 505.5 million roubles.

It should be noted that donation and earmarked funding and membership fees are not categorized as income and are not subject to income tax profit.

The total amount of such support for KHL teams (grants from the budget and payments by large holdings) at the end of 2020 is about 17.4 billion roubles. Which is about the same as clubs earn by themselves.

In 2019, it was about 23 billion roubles. Thus, in 2020 the volume of additional funding, including the state one, decreased by 33%


The financial reports also show that the net loss of Russian teams in the Kontinental Hockey League decreased by 22.5%: by 2.4 billion roubles.

SKA (Saint-Petersburg) became the record holder in terms of profit, despite an almost two-time drop: 646.2 million roubles. They are followed by Locomotiv (Yaroslavl) with a profit of 281.5 million.

The highest loss in 2020 was recorded by CSKA (Moskow), 2.6 billion roubles. Compared to the last time this information was collected it decreased by 44%.

Labour costs

The salary fund is one of the main expenses of any sports club. Most teams at Kontinental Hockey League published data on salary costs, and they can cover it from their proceeds. But not everyone will have any money left after that. Several teams do not specify the information on the size of the salary fund due to the features of accounting of legal entities.

The largest labour costs have SKA (Saint-Petersburg) with 2.9 billion roubles, Avangard (Omsk) with 2.5 billion roubles and CSKA (Moskow) 2.4 billion roubles.