Former F1 Executive Bernie Ecclestone Called Russian President Vladimir Putin “a Formidable Leader”

Image source: Flickr

Ex-chief executive of “Formula 1” Bernie Ecclestone has made his say about President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the leaders of Middle-Eastern countries. A sports outlet Vseprosport writes, that he thinks Putin is loyal to his promises, while the European countries suffer from “excessive democracy”.

“Putin is the nicest guy I’ve met. He is one of those people who do what they promise. Such individuals never change decisions halfway. They fulfill them”, said Bernie.

While the 2018 Russian Grand Prix hosting fees were never disclosed it was estimated at $47 million and run by experienced promoter Sergey Vorobyev. President Putin was a special guest at this event.

At that time Russia’s deputy prime minister Dmitry Kozak informed the media about the investments from the country’s oil giant Lukoil and the list of other investors, who are going to finance the next Russian Grand Prix in full after the negotiations with Mr Ecclestone. In 2021 the event will happen in Sochi from 23d to 26th of September.

But this wasn’t the only question Mr Ecclestone discussed: he also spoke on Bahrain and Abu Dhabi, who also appeared in the 2000s and pay the big hosting fee to “F1”.

“They are a part of the World nowadays, although before they were very isolated. In financial terms, these people have different values, than those who have been in this sport for a long time. They use the brand to promote their countries, which is obvious. It was good for us and good for them. They realized that it was still cheaper for this level of advertising. We understood what we were doing”, said the business magnate.