Gold Prices May Grow by a Third, Making Ideal for Investment and Savings

Citibank analysts are confident that in the next year or two exchange quotations of gold will update the historical maximum and reach two thousand dollars per ounce – this is a third more than now.

RIA Novosti reports why precious metal is getting more expensive and how citizens can earn money on it.

The growth of quotations is primarily promoted by central banks, which have switched to a systematic reduction in key rates. Most likely, new monetary incentive programs will follow: regulators will launch a printing press and begin to flood the economy with unsecured money.

However, a significant increase in gold production in the world is not expected. So the precious metal against the background of “colored pieces of paper” will become even more valuable.

“The long-term prospects for gold prices are up, up and up again,” said legendary investor Mark Mobius last week. “I say this because the money supply goes up, up and up again.”

In addition, the global economy is slowing down, largely due to a trade war between the U.S. and China. In such a situation, not only private investors, but also entire states strive to diversify financial risks by transferring part of their assets to the most reliable – gold bullion.

Not only central banks but also citizens can earn on gold quotes or at least save their savings. There are many ways to invest in precious metal, but experts warn: not everyone gives the desired result.

The most useless is the purchase of gold jewelry. The fact is that in jewelry not only gold itself but alloy – pure metal is very soft and easily deformed. Therefore, jewelry is most often made of gold of the 585th test, that is, precious metal in them is only 58.5%. In addition, the price of the product includes the cost of the work of a jeweler. Not to mention the fact that, according to experts, about 15% of the jewelry on the market are fake, that is, made of completely different metal.