Highest Salaries in Moscow Offered To Medical Device Registration Specialist and Private Nanny

Analysts from the Rabota.ru website examined the vacancy database and ranked the highest-paying employment opportunities in Moscow in October, Kommersant writes. The company is willing to pay the maximum compensation possible for an expert in medical device registration – up to 500 thousand rubles per month (6000 euros).

The position of a senior manager with at least three years of experience in a premium flooring salon follows, and such a specialist is willing to pay up to 400 thousand rubles.

“A nanny who will be caring for a six-year-old child will be able to earn up to 300,000 rubles.” The candidate must have at least three years of work experience with families, an open visa to the United States, and an active life position, according to “Rabota.ru” (quoted by RIA Novosti ).

Amounts up to 270 thousand rubles. a buying manager with at least five years of experience in a comparable area may receive The employee will be responsible for maintaining the standard stock of raw materials and components, analyzing the flow of products in the warehouse, calculating the product’s profitability, and managing the department.

A mathematics instructor at an international school who would teach in a foreign language will be ready to accept a monthly salary of up to 250 thousand rubles. A service engineer in a repair business may earn the same amount, while the employer is willing to accept a candidate without experience with future training.

In September, the service “Zarplata.ru” evaluated several dozen remote jobs with significant wages. It was discovered that an Android developer and a sales director are paid one of the highest salaries in Russia, starting at 500 thousand rubles. System analysts are given a salary of 400 thousand rubles.