Kremlin Rejects Kadyrov’s Idea of Putin Leading Russia Forever

The Kremlin has rejected a suggestion from Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov that Vladimir Putin should be installed as president for life. “The constitution does not provide for such a position,” said Dmitry Peskov, the official presidential spokesman, Russia Today reported.

Kadyrov proposed Putin’s lifelong presidency during a meeting of the Chechen Republic Coronavirus Operational Headquarters. “We must elect Vladimir Putin as president for life,” Kadyrov said. “Today, who can replace him? There is no such political leader on a global scale. We must be proud of this.”

In the same meeting, the Chechen boss also spoke out in favor of the proposed amendments to the constitution, noting that they will help “strengthen state institutions.”

Kadyrov added that all Russian citizens, including Chechens, live in a country where rights are respected.

“We are citizens of this great country, our Chechen language is a state language, religion is our first priority, and mosques are open to all Muslims,” the head of the Russian southern region said.

If the proposed constitutional amendments pass on July 1, Putin will be allowed to remain as president until 2036.