Empire Strikes Back: Storm Wind in Siberia Destroys Copy of Starship from ‘The Mandalorian’

© REUTERS / Andrey Sorokin

The trustworthy ship from Star Wars was destroyed by the Empire forces in the end of the first season. Its copy, located in the Yrdel Park, became a major attraction for SW fans and tourists in general. However, it looks as though all the popularity and love it received could not protect it from the ravages of nature.

A copy of the iconic starship from “The Mandalorian”, mounted in the Russian city of Yakutsk, was destroyed by the intense wind on Saturday, Sputnik reported.

According to cosplayer and artist Ayal Fryodorov, who recreated bounty hunter Din Djarin’s ship, a blast of storm wind almost upended his car, and then hit the starship, sweeping aside and laying waste the 14m-long metal construction.

Locals filmed the damaged starship, posting photos and videos on social media.

The artist has promised to restore the ship.

“Of course, we will not give up, and I think that many people will support us. Everything will be fine,” Fyodorov said.