First Water Treatment Plant to be Built in Krasnoyarsk Region

Construction of a water treatment plant in the Arctic town of Khatanga (the Krasnoyarsk Region) will begin in 2020 under the Pure Water national project, the region’s Minister of Industry, Energy and Housing Services Yevgeny Afanasyev told reporters on Friday, TASS informs.

In five years, under the Pure Water federal project, the Krasnoyarsk Region will upgrade and build 25 facilities for drinking water supplies to the region’s 127,000 residents, TASS adds.

“In the plan for 2020, Khatanga is number one,” the minister said. “People there use water from open sources, without any treatment, and in spring and autumn the water quality is below any norms. All projecting has been done …, and in 2020 we shall begin the construction,” he added.

The project’s cost is 69.8 million rubles ($1.09 million) and the facility’s daily capacity will be 3,200 cubic meters of water. More than 2,600 people live in Khatanga — one of Russia’s northernmost settlements. The construction term is one year. This will be the settlement’s first treatment station.

The Ecology national project continues to 2024. It is comprised of eleven areas, including Pure Water, and the investments in the national project will make 4,041 trillion rubles ($63 billion), TASS notes.