Nearly 600,000 People Inoculated against COVID-19 in Moscow


Almost 600,000 people in the Russian capital have been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus, the city has a sufficient number of hospital beds for COVID-19 patients, the press service of Moscow’s Healthcare Department has reported, TASS reports.

“Mass vaccination of the population against COVID-19 is gaining momentum. In total, almost 600,000 Moscow residents have been vaccinated,” the press service said.

Moscow has enough hospital beds for COVID-19 patients, the press service noted. Hospitals have been fully provided with the necessary equipment and medical personnel. Doctors have gained vast experience during the fight against the pandemic.

“The positive trend in the epidemiological situation now makes it possible for specialized hospitals to withdraw from the work with the coronavirus,” the press service added.

Moscow began its vaccination campaign on December 5, 2020. Plans are in store to inoculate 6-7 million people in the future. In addition, preferences for those vaccinated against COVID-19 can be considered too.

Currently, there are 100 vaccination sites in the Russian capital. People can also be inoculated in a number of private clinics. The Moscow authorities are expanding the list of groups of citizens who can be vaccinated all the time.