India Delaying Deal for 200 Russian Helicopters: RH CEO

The head of state-run company Russian Helicopters (RH), Andrey Boginsky, said on Sunday that India was delaying the signing of a firm agreement for purchasing 200 helicopters despite providing all information, Reuters reports.

The company’s CEO also said it would benefit India if the planned order for over 100 rotorcraft for the Indian Navy could be combined with the 200 India is looking to buy for its Army.

Under a deal signed in 2015, Russia should supply 200 KA 226T helicopters, with 60 of them planned for delivery and the remaining to be assembled and manufactured in India. The two countries also have held preliminary talks for the supply of over 100 of the KA 226-T helicopters for the Indian Navy, Boginsky said.

“We have done significant successful work and provided all information to India’s ministry of defence, unfortunately there is no efficient and quick way from the Indian side,” he told Reuters at the Dubai Air Show. “We can’t understand the reasons for the delay.”

On the order for the Indian Navy, Boginsky said India would benefit from combining both orders to gain more value in enhancing its capabilities.

“The main winner will be India if both orders are joined,” he said, adding Russian Helicopters was awaiting a formal request of an order from the Indian Navy.

Civilian helicopters account for about 30-35% of Russian Helicopters’ total sales while the remaining 65-70% are military choppers. The civilian-military sales ratio is expected to remain the same in the next three years but total sales volumes could increase as Russian Helicopters brings to the market its expanded range of choppers, said Boginsky.