Sheremetyevo Airport Shares Best Practices in Aviation and Transportation Security

Sheremetyevo International Airport reviewed its best practices in security and control yesterday at the “Security Technologies 2021” Forum. Deputy Director General for Security of JSC SIA Viktor Ermakov presented a report to the conference on “Integrated automated security and control system: effects and examples of implementation.”

“The safety of passengers, guests and employees is an absolute priority of Sheremetyevo’s operation,” said Ermakov as he began his presentation. “Security at Sheremetyevo Airport is maintained through effective interaction with the police, other law enforcement agencies, airline security services and cooperating organizations. We use advanced technical solutions, an automated security system, while selecting the best personnel, effectively training personnel, and providing our employees with continuous professional development and favorable working conditions.”

Sheremetyevo Airport implements the whole range of aviation and transportation security measures as stipulated by Russian legislation, international practice and ICAO recommendations. The basis for building a security system is a competitive security model that modeled threats and the various scenarios under which these threats could become real events. The system looks at indicators that point to the probability of threats becoming real security events and analyzes actions to manage risks associated with real threats.

Sheremetyevo uses an integrated information platform called NEST that ensures the prompt transfer of information from all existing technical security equipment to the transportation-security control points of the South and North terminal complexes of the airport.

Incidents are modeled on the NEST integration platform with algorithms for appropriate actions by transportation security personnel. The algorithms allow the transportation security forces to respond quickly to resolve incidents when they occur and prevent acts of unlawful interference (AUI) or events that entail the risk of AUI. A total of 54 incidents and action algorithms were modeled on the system.

To date, Sheremetyevo Airport has installed and integrated into the NEST platform more than 4,000 video cameras, more than 2,000 access-management control points and more than 5,000 alarm points.

The NEST platform and video surveillance cameras, among other things, make it possible to search for an individual in passenger traffic and to provide “guidance” for physical surveillance by an inspector in civilian clothes.