Prices of Imported Pears in Russia on the Rise


Imported products traditionally prevail in the Russian pear market during Russian winters, with prices for the fruit supplied abroad rising this year, analysts told

The main countries supplying pears during this period are Argentina, Belgium and the Netherlands. At the same time, it is worth noting that prices for imported pears have always been significantly higher than for domestic products. And today, prices for imported pears continue to rise, the analysts said.

According to market players, the main reason for the fairly high prices in this segment is the growing demand for these fruits and the low yield of pears in most EU countries and the countries of the southern hemisphere this season.

On the Russian market, imported pears are consequently sold for 114-150 rubles / kg ($1.74-2.29 / kg), which is on average 14% more expensive than at the end of the previous working week.

According to market participants, several factors explain the price increase. Firstly, the supply in the countries that traditionally deliver these products to the Russian market during the winter is already running out, and therefore it can be difficult to acquire the volumes needed. Secondly, fluctuations in exchange rates continue to have an impact.

It is worth noting that at the moment, imported pears in Russia are already on average 15% more expensive than at the end of February last year. This price increase does not please the suppliers of imported products, since the consumption of pears in Russia will fall rapidly as they rise in price. Importers believe that further appreciation of these fruits may lead to a sharp drop in the volume of pear imports to Russia.