At Least 50% of Catering Services in Moscow Have Established COVID-Free Zones

Image credit: EPA

About 50% of public catering establishments in Moscow announced their work in COVID-free mode, as announced on Tuesday by the first deputy chief of staff of the mayor and government of the city, Aleksey Nemeryuk, who heads the capital’s department of trade and services.

Nemeryuk told TASS that to date, out of more than 15.6 thousand catering establishments in Moscow, more than 7 thousand have announced their work in a new format.

He also noted that in Moscow there are more than 2.5 thousand canteens at enterprises and educational institutions of Moscow, as well as restaurants, cafes and bars in hotels and hostels, which may not switch to the new regime if they are not open to outsiders.

In the capital, since June 28, the work of public catering establishments has switched to a “COVID-free” format. Visitors to establishments can confirm protection against coronavirus with a special QR code.

According to the Moscow Department of Transport, employees of the capital’s catering establishments will be able to check the QR codes of visitors, including using the department’s applications. On the same day, the Yandex.Maps service compiled a list of cafes and restaurants in the capital that work with the pass system using QR codes.