Moscow Court Fines TikTok 2.6 Million Rubles

Image credit: EPA

A Moscow court upheld the judgment of the first instance on a fine against TikTok for refusing to erase content encouraging children to engage in an illegal protest activity, Russian agency TASS reports.

A magistrate court fined TikTok in April for refusing to delete appeals encouraging adolescents to take part in an unofficial demonstration.

In early April, the Tagansky district of Moscow’s international court No. 422 penalized Twitter 8.9 million rubles under three Roskomnadzor administrative procedures for refusing to erase content encouraging children to participate in unlawful activities. Similar guidelines were drawn out by the department with regard to Facebook, Google, and Telegram.

Facebook was penalized with 26 million rubles by a court, Telegram was penalized with 10 million rubles, and Google was fined 9.5 million rubles. In addition, the TikTok app received a fine of 2.6 million rubles for a similar infraction.

More than 2,500 documents were disclosed on social networks in January and February, according to Roskomnadzor, asking for involvement in unlawful acts.