Moscow Authorities Do Not Plan to Introduce QR Codes in Restaurants Yet

Image credit: EPA

The Moscow authorities do not plan to put further restrictions on restaurants and cafés, nor do they intend to employ QR codes to identify visitors. Dmitry Levitsky, the chairman of the restaurant alliance “Real,” who was present at a meeting with industry executives in the Moscow mayor’s office, said this, according to Vedomosti.

“At this time, no further restrictions have been applied.” We highly urge you to follow all of the limitations that have been placed on you. Temperature control, masks, no people on the dance floor, and so forth. Checks will be reissued, and all penalties will remain unchanged. “All they want is for what should have been done to be done,” he stated on his Telegram channel.

In an interview with Forbes, Alexey Nemeryuk, head of the Moscow Department of Trade and Services, said that today’s conference was more than just instructive. “The decrees must be implemented.” They reminded me of penalties and potential closures. “And so that no one forgets to put on masks,” Nemeryuk said.

The day before, Levitsky stated on his Telegram channel that a meeting with representatives from the restaurant industry will take place in the mayor’s office on October 13. “Compliance with the restrictions imposed in connection with the introduction of the high alert regime” was the topic of the conference.

From June 28 to July 18, Moscow had an obligatory QR code system in restaurants and cafes: restaurants were not allowed to work at night, and they could only enter Moscow catering establishments (except summer verandas) with a QR code obtained after vaccination, illness, or a negative PCR test valid for 72 hours. These restrictions were lifted on July 19.

In the past 24 hours, 4410 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in Moscow. The city’s morbidity rate has dropped for the third day in a row. A total of 1457 individuals were hospitalized, with 562 requiring mechanical breathing. In Russia, 28,717 cases of coronavirus infection were reported, with 984 deaths from COVID-19 recorded for the second day in a row: 984 people died from coronavirus in Russia the day before.