Natural Population Decline in Russia Jumped in January-August by 72%

The natural decline in the population of Russia (the excess of the number of deaths over the number of births) jumped in January-August by 71.6% in annual terms to 595.3 thousand people against 346.9 thousand people in January-August 2020, Rosstat reports.

The number of births decreased in January-August by 1.1% to 928,184 people against 938,295 people in January-August 2020.

The number of deaths increased in January-August by 18.5% to 1,523,646 people against 1,285,199 people in January-August 2020.

In August, 125,357 children were born in Russia (-1%), 208,237 people died (+32.5%). The natural population decline was 82,880 people (an increase of 2.7 times).

The natural decline in the population of Russia more than doubled in 2020 – up to 688.7 thousand people against 316.2 thousand people in 2019. Last year’s figure became the highest since 2005 when the natural population decline was 846.6 thousand people.

The population of Russia decreased in 2020 by 500 thousand people to 146.17 million people.