Ponomarenko Elected Chairman of the JSC SIA Board of Directors

A.A. Ponomarenko was elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors for JSC Sheremetyevo International Airport (JSC SIA) for the next corporate year at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors held in person on September 30, 2020.

The Board of Directors also named members of the Audit Committee (Chairman A.S. Smagin), the HR and Remuneration Committee (Chairman R.N. Zinovyev) and the Strategy and Development Committee (Chairman A.S. Smagin).

In other actions, the Board approved the updated Charter of the Sheremetyevo International Airport Joint Stock Company for submission for approval to the special General Meeting of Shareholders of JSC SIA, scheduled for November 5, 2020.

The Board also approved the report on the fulfillment of the terms of the Concession Agreement dated December 25, 2018, between JSC SIA (as the concessionaire) and the Russian Federation, represented by the Federal Air Transport Agency (as the grantor) with respect to the airfield infrastructure facilities. As of June 30, 2020, the total investment in the facilities under the Concession Agreement totaled 14,774 billion rubles, including 8 billion rubles in borrowed funds. The main share of investments was allocated for the implementation of the following projects:

Reconstruction of Runway-1 (RWY-1). The project calls for a new cover for Runway-1 to be for a total area of 406,220 sq. m. The commissioning of the facility is scheduled for November of this year.

Reconstruction of the central apron of the Sh-1 sector, the main taxiway (runway) and the connecting RD-1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 (in terms of investment facilities – “Western section of the ASTC Apron” and “Apron of Terminal C – 1st stage”). The project calls for a new surface for aprons to be installed over a total area of 488,225 sq m. The commissioning of the facilities is scheduled for September-October of this year.

Reconstruction of the taxiway RD-V (from RD-4 to RD-5). The project calls for new airfield pavement with a total area of 54,610 sq. m. Commissioning of the facility is scheduled for December of this year.

Construction, installation and other types of work on the projects—the reconstruction of Runway-1, the western section of the apron of the ASTC and the taxiway RD-V (from RD-4 to RD-5) – are being done in accordance with the plan and schedule approved by the Board of Directors of JSC SIA.

Sheremetyevo International Airport is among the TOP-10 airport hubs in Europe, the largest Russian airport in terms of passenger and cargo traffic. The route network comprises more than 230 destinations. In 2019, the airport served 49 million 933 thousand passengers, which is 8.9% more than in 2018. Sheremetyevo is the best airport in terms of the quality of services in Europe, the absolute world leader in punctuality of flights, the owner of the highest 5-star Skytrax rating.