Putin Urges Not to Politicize Issue of Oil Prices

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged not to politicize the topic of oil prices, but to seek compromises, TASS reports.

“If we still treat energy sector as a stepson and keep pointing out that it is bad, bad, it pollutes everything here, there will be no investments, we will see how prices will skyrocket. Therefore, we need to take a responsible approach and not politicize this topic, not to talk away, especially those who do not understand anything about this,” the head of the Russian state said, speaking at the Valdai international discussion club on Thursday.

In his opinion, one should act “proceeding from the interests of the world economy, from the interests of their own countries, and looking for compromises between the preservation of environment and the economic development – ensuring the income of our citizens, our families.”

“Only by keeping the balance of these interests and walking this path we will succeed, everything else will lead to destruction,” Putin concluded.