Russia to Upgrade Four Arctic Airports by 2024

As part of the Russian government’s ambitious plan to develop infrastructure along the Northern Sea Route, four airports in Russia’s Arctic will be upgraded before 2024, reported.

Two of the airports slated for renovation are in Chukotka, one is in Yakutia, while the fourth is in the Nenets Region, the government’s plans say.

The airport complex in Amderma (east of the Nenets Region), a base for the development of oil fields, is to be upgraded by June 2022. By June 2023, the airport in Pevek (Chukotka) is to be overhauled, the cabinet says.

According to the plan, the airport in Yakutia’s Chersky should be ready by June 2024. The airport is not far from a river port, which is 130km from the confluence with the Kolyma River in the East Siberian Sea. The Keperveyem airport near Bilibino, Chukokta’s third city in terms of population, will be renovated by December 2024. Only air transport connects Chukotka’s capital and Bilibino.

The government also plans to develop infrastructures of seaports and terminals. Renovation of the Pevek seaport is due to be done by December 2020. One year later, in December 2021, the Sabetta seaport (the Yamalo-Nenets Region) will finish the upgrade. The port will begin working year-round and will become a key hub on the Northern Sea Route (NSR).

The plan includes the development of infrastructures for the rescue fleet. By December 2020, the Emergencies Ministry and state nuclear energy corporation Rosatom will present to the government suggestions on construction jointly with mineral resources companies the Arctic centers to manage emergency situations in Pevek and Sabetta.

On Monday, Rosatom said the Russian government adopted the company’s plan to develop the Northern Sea Route’s infrastructures to 2035. The plan pays special attention to emergency-rescue facilities along the route.