Russian Aviation Regulator Authorizes Air Carriers to Make Outbound Flights From Abroad

The Russian Federal Air Transport Service authorized Russian airlines to make outbound flights from abroad, with the quota of one flight per week for each route, according to the regulator’s telegram sent to air carriers, with a copy available with TASS.

Several air carriers and not all of them received such a telegram, a TASS source on the aviation market says, without detailing them. Press service of the air regulator refuses to comment.

“We would like to inform you that in accordance with the decision made during the crisis response center’s meeting, [….] airplanes of Russian air carriers can be used to take out persons (Russian citizens and foreign nationals, whose entry is authorized in accordance with Decree of the Russian Government of March 16 No. 635-r) after their completion of freight, passenger-freight and transit flights,” the telegram says.

Such flights are not scheduled, the telegram says. “Such flights can be made within the framework of available permits […] from points of foreign states to Russian points with the resumed international air service with the rate of one flight per week,” the document says.

Russia halted the scheduled air service with other countries due to pandemic in spring. Flights to certain countries partly resumed from summer. Some Russian and foreign air carriers also make freight and passenger flights, intended for freight carriage but with certain categories of passengers allowed on board.