Russian Embassy Blasts Pulitzer Prize Winning NYT Articles as Russophobic Fabrications


In a Facebook post, Russian Embassy in the US slammed a series of the New York Times articles criticizing Russia, which won the Pulitzer Prize on Monday calling them Russophobic fabrications damaging the newspaper’s reputation, TASS informed.

“Three years ago the Pulitzer Prize was awarded to the New York Times for demonizing Russia. Such soon-rotting “art” obviously demands periodical prestigious awards. The award’s board takes on great responsibility, highlighting in this way anti-Russian materials with statements that are repeatedly rejected not only by Russian officials, but already by life itself,” the embassy said.

“If there is some “great risk” as they allege, this only concerns reputation. We consider this series of articles by the New York Times on Russia as a wonderful collection of undiluted Russophobic fabrications, which can be studied as a guideline on creating false facts,” the Russian diplomats noted.

According to the Pulitzer Prize board’s website, the New York Times staff won the International Reporting award for a series of articles written “often at risk” about Russia’s alleged unlawful acts. The New York Times wrote on its website that the board presented the award for “detailing Russia’s influence operations abroad” in the years following its “disinformation efforts in the 2016 US presidential election.”

Russia’s officials have numerously rejected these allegations.