Russians Explain How Much Money They Need per Month for a Normal Life

Almost half of Russians think that 40,000-70,000 rubles (480 – 850 euros) per month is sufficient for a decent quality of living and the accumulation of savings. This is according to the findings of a research performed by Rosgosstrakh life and Rosgosstrakh, Vedomosti writes.

This amount was deemed enough by 47 percent of those polled (a total of 1503 people were interviewed, of which 48 percent were men and 52 percent were women). Another 21.4 percent stated that up to 40,000 rubles would suffice. 19.6 percent of respondents would like to have 70,000-100,000 rubles, 6.9 percent selected 100,000-150,000, and 5.2 percent – from 150,000 per month.

The sum is usually between 40,000 and 70,000 rubles. were chosen by inhabitants of the Urals (52%), the Northwestern (51.5%), and the Central Federal Districts (51.5%). (49 percent ). Requests in the 70,000-100,000 ruble range. were found to be the most popular in the Far East (32.5 percent), Moscow (24.4 percent), and St. Petersburg (24.4 percent) (24 percent ).

Muscovites (100,000-150,000 – 15% and from 150,000 – 15%) and Petersburgers had the greatest financial demands (100,000-150,000 – 8 percent and from 150,000 – 15 percent ). Russians aged 30-49 want a sum ranging from 70,000 to 100,000 rubles more than others, while those over 60 want the least amount (up to 40,000 rubles).

According to the study’s authors, women’s financial desires were often more modest than men’s. As a result, the sum of 40,000-70,000 rubles was identified as the required minimum monthly income by 48.9 percent of women questioned, compared to 44.6 percent of males.

In addition, males were more likely than women to specify a target range of 70,000-100,000 rubles. 100,000-150,000 rubles (21.2 percent of males and 18.2 percent of women), (8.5 percent of males and 5.5% of women) and 150,000 rubles. (6.4 percent males, 4.1 percent women)

According to a survey conducted in September, the average desired wage in Russia is 119,300 rubles. At the same time, men’s wage expectations were considerably greater than women’s. Thus, the required wage for males is 128,300 rubles, while for women it is 87,900 rubles. The

The Russian subsistence minimum for 2021 is set at 11,653 rubles per capita. It is 12,702 rubles for those of working age, 11,303 rubles for minors, and 10,022 rubles for seniors.