Russia’s Federal Budget Surplus Reaches 934.432 Billion Rubles

According to preliminary data, the federal budget surplus reached 934.432 billion rubles in January-August, against 890.298 billion rubles in January-July, the Russian Ministry of Finance said in a statement.

Budget revenues for eight months amounted to 15.69 trillion rubles. (83.6% of the volume of revenues approved by the law “On the federal budget for 2021 and the planning period 2022-2023”), while the expenses were 14.76 trillion rubles (68.6%).

Meanwhile, Russia’s foreign trade surplus (determined by the balance of payments methodology) increased in July by 27% in monthly terms to $23.191 billion (in June – $ 18.303 billion), which became a new historical record.

In general, Russia’s trade surplus increased in January-August to $106.4 billion due to the high dynamics of energy and non-energy exports, especially hydrocarbon exports.