Russia’s Latest Amphibious Assault Ships to Feature 40% Larger Displacement Tonnage


Two large amphibious assault ships of the improved Project 11711 currently under construction at the Yantar Shipyard on the Baltic coast will displace 40% more tonnes compared to standard warships of this class, Shipyard CEO Ilya Samarin told TASS on Wednesday.

“Standard [large amphibious assault] ships displace about 6,000 tonnes whereas upgraded warships will displace 40% more,” the chief executive said.

“The upgraded ship’s main dimensions are larger, including the length, the speed is slightly higher and the power of the main propulsion unit is completely different because the ship is bigger. The operating range has been increased. Naturally, the crew is bigger. The amphibious lift capacity for the wheeled hardware has grown by 100%. The provision with the navigation component has been improved,” the Shipyard’s head said.

The upgraded Project 11711 operated two large amphibious assault ships Vladimir Andreyev and Vasily Trushin that were laid down at the Yantar Shipyard in April 2019.

The Russian Navy currently operates two standard Project 11711 large amphibious assault ships: the Ivan Gren and the Pyotr Morgunov. They were delivered to the Navy in 2018 and 2020, respectively.

Standard Project 11711 warships displace 6,000 tonnes, can develop a speed of 18 knots, have an operating range of 4,000 miles, a crew of 100 and their sea endurance is 30 days. Warships of this type can sealift 13 main battle tanks, or up to 20 armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles or up to 30 trucks, and also a marine infantry battalion.