St. Petersburg Hosts SPIEF 2021, the Largest Economic Forum in the COVID Era

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum began on Wednesday, becoming the largest economic forum to be held during the pandemic, Russian media reported. The main event of the forum will include Russian President Vladimir Putin addressing the attendees at the plenary session.

One of the key topics of the forum is the support and implementation of investment projects. In addition, the participants will discuss the development of the Arctic, the energy of the future, and 5G technologies, as well as the preservation of the environment.

Speakers and attendees will pay special attention to the modernization of national health systems after the pandemic.

Strict preventive measures are in place at the forum itself. The maximum number of its participants is five thousand, and all are required to present a negative COVID19 test one day before the visit. The forum itself also has a comprehensive surveillance system with thermal imagers and face recognition.