Trutnev: 94 Thousand People Already Received a “Far Eastern Hectare”

Almost 94 thousand people have used the Far Eastern Hectare program, said Deputy Prime Minister and Presidential Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District (DFO) Yuri Trutnev in an interview with the RBC TV channel.

“That is, 94 thousand people in the Far East got the opportunity to go about their business, improve their living conditions. At the same time, the state did not lose anything, because we simply mastered the previously empty land. This is a wonderful program,” Trutnev said.

As for the Arctic Hectare program, 2.6 thousand people have applied for a plot of land.

“We have created a new preferential shell for the development of the Arctic, not just copying from the Far East, but taking into account the experience and the difference in the specifics of the development of both regions. That is if the preferential zone in the Far East is common, then in the Arctic, it is fragmented for various types of business. Result – hundreds of billions of rubles of declared investments,” Trutnev concluded.