Global Warming Affects Russia, Temperatures Increasing Almost 3 Times Faster

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Alexander Kozlov, Minister of Natural Resources, cited statistics from Rosgidromet Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring as evidence that Russian processes in global warming are 2.8 times quicker than those elsewhere.

Temperature increases in Russia are 2.5 times quicker than the world average, according to federal service experts, TASS reports.

In this nation, Rosgidromet is responsible for all climatological research, Alexander Kozlov informed a cabinet session via video call that Russia’s warming is 2.8 times quicker than the rest of the globe.

The minister emphasized that this rate of warming has a detrimental impact on the Arctic region. A frost zone encompasses more than 15 million people, he said.

A thorough strategy for monitoring permafrost is not yet in place in Russia, the minister said, adding that this means it is impossible to see what’s going on in reality.