Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute Sends out New Expedition


In a post on its Telegram channel, Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI, St. Petersburg) announced that the Arctic-2021 global expedition had left Murmansk aboard its Akademik Tryoshnikov diesel-electric research vessel. The expedition will carry out complex studies of Arctic nature in a changing climate, TASS reports.

Aboard the Akademik Tryoshnikov scientific-research ship, the Arctic-2021 global expedition began today from Murmansk, according to the institution.
Many various countries will be sending scientists to study the changing climate in the Barents, Kara, and Laptev Seas.

A marine and coastal study will be conducted during the present excursion. Their findings will provide additional information on climate change and will be used to enhance long-term projections, according to the researchers.

They said that it will continue through September 6.

Per the AARI, Frederik Paulsen, a polar explorer and member of the Russian Geographical Society, was the project’s originator. The trip was organized jointly by the institution and the Polar Foundation of Switzerland.