Russia Discusses Transition to Green Economy at International Forums

Source: Wecoop

Russia is discussing the transition to green technologies at different international forums, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin said on Friday in an online interview with TASS First Deputy Director-General Mikhail Gusman.

“Activities we are currently implementing in terms of emissions are a pressing topic,” Vershinin said.

“You can figure out the probable degree of the state wisdom to understand that investments into the low-emission economy are definitely very troublesome for the budget at present but will give the payback in 10-15 years. Especially considering that Russia has a very serious advantage: we top the list by the forests area. We are discussing this advantage during different talks because there is no time to spare,” the official noted.

The green decisions taken in the European Union, which remains the Russia’s largest trade partner, can eventually lead to major economic and financial problems for Russian economic operator, Vershinin noted.

“Everything should be provided and we endeavor to do so, regulate and use international conventions, work in international organizations and strongly labor inside the country, so that our environmental activity is brought as much as possible close to very high standards we currently attempt to implement at the international level,” the diplomat added.