Kremlin Refused to Predict The Duration of The COVID Restrictions

Photo credit: EPA

According to Izvestia, Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov told reporters that making predictions regarding the duration of COVID limitations is useless.

Any forecasts based on this score “risk becoming highly incorrect,” he warned, adding that the outdated limitations “are in force and will stay in effect during the epidemic.”

In a number of areas, including Tver, Murmansk, and Moscow, as well as St. immunization against coronavirus 60 percent of workers in the capital’s services and trade, transportation, medical, housing, and communal services.

In light of the capital’s deteriorating epidemiological situation, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced on June 22 that beginning June 28, only those clients who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, have had a coronavirus infection in the previous six months, or have passed a PCR test for it will be allowed to enter the capital’s catering establishments.

With the use of a unique QR code, visitors to enterprises will be able to prove their protection against the coronavirus. No paper references or certifications will be accepted at the same time.