Russia’s Gamaleya Says Those Recovered from COVID-19 Can Be Vaccinated within 2-3 Months

Source: Sputnik V Official website

The head of Russia’s Gamaleya research institute, which developed the Sputnik V vaccine, explained to Sputnik on Friday that those who had already had the coronavirus should be vaccinated anyway, two of three months after recovering, Sputnik reports.

Alexander Gintsburg stressed that he does not agree with the health ministry’s recommendation, which says that those who have already had COVID-19 do not need to be inoculated.

“The person must fully recover, in the laboratory sense of this word, which means the person must have two or three negative PCT tests. They must also recover physically,” Gintsburg said, noting that two or three months should pass before the person is vaccinated.

Most people suffer from the mild form of the disease, in this case, negative PCRs are enough to receive the vaccine, the scientist said.

“And if you were in hospital and had a severe form, then you should wait for around two months, as you need to physically recover,” Gintsburg said.

The Gamaleya chief also invited people who recovered from the coronavirus to check their antibodies after receiving the first shot of the vaccine. According to Gintsburg, if the level of virus-neutralising antibodies stands at 1:3200 or more, no second shot is needed.

Gintsburg also recommended to abstain from wearing protective masks when the level of neutralising bodies is at 1:3200 and above, as masks can hamper maintenance of the required level of protection.

“With this level of antibodies … it is not necessary to wear masks, as antibodies have to be constantly maintained at the high level,” Gintsburg said.

According to the microbiologist, the coronavirus causative pathogen is now quite broadly present in enclosed spaces, although in small quantities.

“The person will not be infected due to being protected very well, but the level of antibodies will constantly remain high due to exogenous intake of the possible pathogen. If it is not maintained, then it will start reducing in three, four or five months in compliance with biology laws. However, we will be developing memory cells, which will take the antibodies to the necessary level within two or three days after the pathogen intake,” Gintsburg explained.

When asked if those who have received both doses of the vaccine could be encouraged to stop wearing masks, the head of the Gamaleya institute said he “had given himself such a recommendation.”