Vaccination Is Most Effective and Safest Way of Protection, Russian Health Ministry Says


The safest way to protect yourself from covid is vaccination, Oksana Drapkina, chief freelance specialist of the Russian Ministry of Health for therapy and general practice said, Russian media reported.

Although stronger immunity is developed after an illness, it is better to be vaccinated and not get sick, the doctor emphasized, because serious complications become the price of such immunity.

According to Drapkina, this is natural – it is one thing when a “live virus” wandered in the patient’s body, causing complications, and another when there is only S-protein from the virus.

There are scientific publications that confirm that after the transferred coronavirus, re-infections are rare, but the disease is fatal.

The threat of complications is extremely high, as there’s also the long COVID-19, and according to Drapkina, the vaccination can also protect people against them.

This week, the Russian Health Ministry also approved the “EpiVacCorona-N” vaccine, which will be marketed under the trademark AURORA-CoV.

This is the fifth registered domestic vaccine against coronavirus – in addition, there are Sputnik V and its light version Sputnik Light, EpiVacCorona, and KoviVak are used in Russia.