Kyiv Warns about “Signals” for Washington

A member of the Kyiv delegation in the contact group, Sergei Garmash, representing certain districts of the Donetsk region, called the shelling of the Avdiivka settlement on Saturday “a signal for the US”, Russian media inform.

As the press service of the Kyiv delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group on Donbas reported, eight Ukrainian servicemen were wounded and injured during the three-hour shelling.

As Sergei Garmash said on the air of the Ukraine 24 TV channel, Washington will not react to this signal, because another US conflict is very unprofitable, and the US is faced with a difficult situation in Afghanistan.

According to Garmash, Russia will begin to receive from this its dividends from the “acute conflict” in the Donbas.

“Then the United States will not be able to stand aside, because the refusal to intervene” will be regarded as another defeat for the Biden administration,” Garmash said.

In Donbas, the warring parties constantly violate the ceasefire and accuse each other of non-compliance with the agreements.