Those Vaccinated against COVID-19 Can Become Blood Plasma Donors, Expert Says

Those vaccinated against COVID-19 can become donors of blood plasma used to treat coronavirus patients, head of the Gamaleya Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology Alexander Ginzburg told TASS.

“Of course, vaccinated people can become donors, but first, they need to check their antibodies level, because as we know, they drop with time,” he said.

It is believed that transfusions of blood plasma belonging to recovered COVID-19 patients can help treat other people diagnosed with the disease.

This method is widely used in the U.S., Germany, China and other countries.

However, in September, the medRxiv research library published the preliminary results of blood plasma transfusion clinical trials which showed that this method of treatment did not significantly affect the course and the severity of the disease.