Sheremetyevo Airport Earns Prestigious 5-Stars Rating from Skytrax

Sheremetyevo International Airport was officially awarded a 5-Star Terminal Rating from Skytrax, a prestigious award for airports and airlines acknowledging the top quality of passenger services. Terminal B received the 5-star rating at a special event in London on March 27, 2019.

“Skytrax 5-Stars is the pinnacle of recognition of Sheremetyevo on the international stage,” Director General Mikhail Vasilenko said while accepting the award. “We are grateful to Skytrax’s experts for all their helpful recommendations on how we can improve services for our passengers.”

As part of its Long-Term Development Program, Sheremetyevo makes major efforts to advance its technological infrastructure and adopt the best practices to improve passenger services based on Skytrax rating leaders. As in other 5-star terminal airports, the main driver of Sheremetyevo’s effective passenger service system is its highly qualified staff.

The 5-Star Skytrax Terminal Rating proves the high performance of major investments in the development and modernization of Sheremetyevo’s infrastructure. Furthermore, Sheremetyevo is dedicated to using the standards and specifications of 5-Star Skytrax terminals in the design of its newest passenger terminals.

Skytrax consultants will be invited to evaluate Terminal C1 both during its construction stage and after it opens in December 2019. After the completion and commissioning of Terminal C1 and Terminal C2, passenger turnover capacity at Sheremetyevo will reach 100 million annually.

Sheremetyevo International Airport is a Top-10 hub airport in Europe and the largest airport in Russia by passenger and cargo traffic, the number of takeoffs and landings, the total area of terminals, and the cargo facilities’ capacity. The airport serves over 220 destinations, and in 2018, it served more than 45 million passengers, which amounted to year-by-year growth of 14.3 percent.

The British research company OAG ranked Sheremetyevo as the 2018 World Leader in Punctuality among airports with 20 to 30 million departing passengers annually. A high percentage of all flights from Sheremetyevo — 87 percent — were on time, which is the highest number for all airports within this category.