Ilyushin Upgrades Military Transport with New Il-112V

Image credit: Ilyushin

Sergei Ganin, head designer of aircraft manufacturer Ilyushin, announced that Russia’s new military transport aircraft, the Il-112V, would assist to update Russia’s fleet of military transport aircraft, which is presently led by Soviet-made An-26s.

The Il-112V is a small military transport plane that can take the place of turboprop planes like the An-24 and An-26. However, it is crucial to note that Antonov airplanes were designed during the Soviet period to meet the duties and criteria of the time. According to Ganin, the Il-112V is a modern aircraft that meets all criteria for its equipment, engine, environmental standards, and noise level.

According to him, all of the plane’s spare parts, systems, and equipment are manufactured entirely in Russia, TASS reports.

According to the project’s main designer, ongoing tests reveal that the prototype meets the project’s technical criteria.