Russian Chocolate Export Will Surpass Swiss in 2021

Image credit: EPA

According to a statement issued by the Association of Confectionary Manufacturers (ASKOND) on Wednesday, Russia will overtake Switzerland in terms of chocolate exports in 2021.

“Russian exports of chocolate and chocolate items grew by 18.6 percent in volume terms and 11.8 percent in value terms year on year at the end of Q1 2021. Given present trends, specialists from the Association of Confectionary Manufacturers predict that by the end of 2021, Russian manufacturers would outnumber Swiss producers in terms of chocolate and chocolate goods exports,” according to the statement.

According to data aggregators ITC Trade Map and UN Comtrade to which ASKOND references, Russia was ranked 11th in the worldwide ranking of chocolate product exporters, with exports worth $729.2 million reaching 295,700 tons, while Switzerland was ranked 10th with 109,800 tons worth $753 million.