Washington Concerned Over China’s Attempts to Buy Ukraine’s Motor Sich

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo voiced Washington’s concerns over China’s attempts to buy Ukraine’s Motor Sich engine building company during his phone call with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, US State Department press service disclosed Saturday, TASS reported.

“Secretary Pompeo raised U.S. concerns regarding malign PRC investment in Ukraine, including Beijing’s efforts to acquire the Motor Sich engine manufacturer,” the Department’s press release reads.

The conversation took place on August 26. The sides also discussed the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation in Belarus and in Ukraine.

On August 7, the media reported the Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office arrested Motor Sich’s shares after Chinese investors and Ukrainian businessman Alexander Yaroslavky’s DCH Group filed an application to buy a share of the engine building company.

The application was filed by Beijing Xinwei Technology Group Co., Ltd’s subsidiary Beijing Skyrizon and the DCH Group and its affiliated companies.

Motor Sich is one of the world’s largest producers of aviation engines and industrial gas turbines. It deals with over 100 countries. The company produces engines for Mi-8, Mi-17, Ka-226 helicopters, An-70, An-124, An-140, An-148 and Yak-130 planes, as well as gas pumping machines and energy equipment. After the dissolution of the USSR, the company continued to cooperate with Russia closely. Following the 2014 coup in Ukraine, Kiev cut all military-technical cooperation with Moscow.