Russia Completes Tests for Space Advertising


The laser assembly for spacecraft, capable of displaying advertisement from space, has passed stratosphere tests, Avant Space, the developer, told TASS Thursday.

“The laser assembly was launched to the stratosphere, to an altitude of about 30 kilometers, in order to confirm the calculated light source power in conditions, similar to those of space,” the company noted.

The experiment has confirmed the calculations, the developer said.

“The upcoming artificial constellation of satellites will become the brightest star on the night sky, comparable to the brightness of Venus,” the company added.

The company underscored that the spacecraft’s luminescence will not create problems for the astronomers.

“The lasers on the satellites will only be turned on when passing above large cities and will be focused to stay within the city limits,” the press service added.

The constellations will be trackable with a mobile app currently under development.

In February this year, Andrey Divayev, Head of the United Rocket and Space Corporation’s Project Department, said that the first two microsatellites with laser diodes will be sent to the orbit in 2022.