Russian Hackers Launch Cyberattack on Ukraine’s DTEK


In retribution for its owner’s resistance to Russia’s war in Ukraine, Russian hackers launched a “cyberattack” on Ukraine’s largest private energy conglomerate, the company claimed on Friday, CNN informed.

The hack was intended to “destabilize the technological processes” of DTEK Group’s distribution and generation businesses, spread misinformation about the business’s operations, and “leave Ukrainian consumers without electricity,” according to the company, which owns coal and thermal power plants in various regions of Ukraine.

Uncertainty exists regarding the hack’s actual effects and the computer systems that were compromised.

No reports of disruptions brought on by the incident have been made.

In a press release, the company said that the attack occurred at the same time with the Kryvorizka TPP which is seen as another attempted attack on the company’s digital infrastructure.

This is not the first significant effort by adversarial cyberterrorists to obstruct the functioning of the Ukrainian power infrastructure.

A similar incident in 2016 disrupted the operation of the power system and certain power distribution businesses.

The company said that in March they observed a notable increase in the enemy’s cyber activity while they were vigorously pushing the Stop Bloody Energy effort.

The global cyber community and society both actively supported this endeavor. However,

numerous significant investors have pulled out of the energy projects of the aggressor as a result of this Stop Bloody Energy effort.

Russian hackers are allegedly targeting DTEK’s facilities because of the fact that Rinat Akhmetov, a shareholder in the company, has taken a strong and proactive stance in response to Russia’s heinous invasion of Ukraine and has provided a significant amount of support for the Ukrainian army and its citizens.

In collaboration with national and international partners, DTEK is looking into the activities of adversarial cybercriminals and contributes its knowledge and expertise to the improvement of the nation’s IT security.

The corporation does everything possible to maintain the stability of Ukraine’s power grid throughout the war and to ensure that Ukrainian consumers will always have access to electricity.