Irkutsk Region to Introduce Special Electricity Tariffs for Crypto Miners

Authorities in the Irkutsk region proposed to develop and approve electricity tariffs for cryptocurrency miners.

The authors of the initiative were representatives of the regional association of employers “Partnership of Producers and Entrepreneurs”, TASS reported.

“The proposal is to the tariff services of the Irkutsk region with the involvement of the Baikal Energy Company, representatives of the association to develop and approve differentiated tariffs for electricity for individuals involved in the production of cryptocurrency, depending on the volume of its consumption “, the document says.

The corresponding proposal is due to the fact that the growth in electricity consumption in the region is disproportionate to the growth in the number of consumers.

One of the reasons may be illegal mining of cryptocurrency, Russian media informed.

Residents of private houses and summer cottages began to install mining devices and mining farms that work around the clock. The load is causing power interruptions. In addition, miners consume electricity at tariffs for the population.

Agricultural enterprises suffer the most from the activities of miners. Losses amount to 700 million rubles a year. Delaying decision-making on miners will hold back the development of energy and the economy.