Russian Airlines to Tighten Verification of Residence When Boarding Export Flights

Airlines plan to tighten verification of passengers’ residence addresses when boarding export flights, Russia’s Communications Ministry said on Sunday. The ministry made this statement on its Telegram channel, created for the return of Russians to their homeland, TASS reported.

It is noted that “before issuing a boarding pass, airline employees will strictly check documents confirming [passengers’] residence in the region.”

To prove their residence, passengers can provide originals of documents or photo copies of their “registration, rental agreement, medical insurance, work certificates, copies of relatives’ registration and documents confirming their kinship, as well as a note of hand that their relatives are ready to accept them for quarantine,” the Communications Ministry said.

Since March 27, due to the pandemic, Russia has completely closed its regular and charter international flights, carriers can only carry out special export flights to bring citizens back home.