Russian Tourist Workers Propose Recovery of World Tourism before Pandemic Ends

The Russian Association of Tour Operators has approached the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and tourism bodies in a number of European and Asian countries with proposals for the recovery of international tourism, as well as the development of common standards for trips.

According to the group, “delaying the problem would only worsen the crisis in the global tourism sector,” which is why it is important “to begin the recovery of mutual travels” without waiting for the epidemic to finish. It proposes creating a single set of regulations for the admission of unvaccinated tourists and those who have had the coronavirus to allow for this. It is a matter of “introducing and mutually accepting Safe Travel norms.”

“We feel that vaccinated individuals should be allowed to travel and vacation freely across the world, just as they did before the coronavirus spread. Quarantine restrictions and other restrictive measures for foreign nationals that are still in place in many nations should not apply to them. The ability of vaccinated individuals to freely travel across the world may also become one of the most significant stages in reviving international tourism,” according to the organization.

The Russian Association of Tour Operators has made a similar proposal to tourism organizations in Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, and other European and Asian-Pacific nations, requesting support for the idea.