Sheremetyevo Airport wins SAP Value Award 2020 for Tax Monitoring System

Sheremetyevo International Airport has received the SAP Value Award 2020 in the New Horizons category for the successful implementation of its electronic Tax Monitoring project.

The new system, based on modern digital technologies and innovative IT solutions, allows Sheremetyevo to improve the management of its internal control system for financial data and makes the company’s interaction with the Federal Tax Service more transparent and efficient. The award ceremony took place on October 8 online.

JSC SIA adopted a tax monitoring system this year as a means of tracking its tax obligations. The project was developed and implemented based on SAP software. When operating in the tax monitoring mode, the company provides the tax authorities with real-time access to accounting and tax accounting data, receiving, in turn, specialized consulting support.

Alexander Oleynik, Deputy Director General for Economics and Finance of JSC SIA, said, “The project was implemented to ensure the exchange of information with tax authorities in a completely electronic form, reduce tax risks, and reduce the time and volume of in-office audits. As a result of the implementation of the new solution, Sheremetyevo Airport has once again confirmed its status as a reliable and responsible taxpayer conducting an open business.”

The transition to the tax monitoring regime at JSC SIA made it possible to reduce labor costs for interaction with the Federal Tax Service through a convenient and fully functional interface. In addition, the deadlines for closing the company’s reporting period were reduced, and the company’s records system was optimized.

The SAP Value Award is given annually to SAP customers for outstanding results achieved through the use of SAP solutions in the company’s work. The jury for the competition includes reputable industry experts and top managers of large companies. Nominations are considered for business initiatives in sales, marketing, business planning, logistics, the use of innovative technologies and other areas.

Finalists are selected based on the scale of the effects of the change, the impact of the project on the operational activities and strategic development of the company, the benefits of SAP implementation within the company, and the presence of a strong causal relationship between SAP implementation and the company’s business achievements.