Norway Sharply Increases Food Exports from Russia

During the last five months, Norway increased food exports from Russia by 60% in annual terms to $153 million, according to the Agroexport center in the Russian Ministry of Agriculture. Supplies in physical terms increased by 73% to 155 thousand tons, Russian media reported.

Norway also became the second-largest buyer of Russian rapeseed oil after China. Imports of this type of oil in January-May amounted to 62 thousand tons (+ 74% in annual terms) by $59 million (an increase of 1.9 times).

Imports of Russian meal and cake increased 2.2 times to 34 thousand tons by $23 million.

Norway was also included in the list of top importers of Russian fish products. In particular, imports of frozen fish increased in January-April by 32% to 11 thousand tons for $31 million. Almost 85% of purchases fell on cod, 13% – haddock, 1% – pollock.

In addition, in January-May, Norway purchased 10 thousand tons of wheat gluten (+ 50% more) for $15 million. “Thus, at the beginning of 2021, more than 60% of all Russian exports of wheat gluten went to Norway,” Agroexport said.